Auto Feeder System for 20x48 or 20x36 Hoop

Auto Feeder System for 20x48 or 20x36 Hoop

Cut hours off of chore time and never lift a 5 gallon bucket to feed again :)
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Feed Fast

With The Auto Feeder System your chore time will be cut by at lest 50% Every Single Day! Imagine moving your chickens in 5 minutes with The Best Chicken Hoop then flipping on The Auto Feeder System while reconnecting the water lines, turning it off, and focussing more of your time on what really needs to get done.

Save Money

What is the value of reducing your chore time by 50% every single day? What is it worth to you to not have to every lift a feed bucket again? What could you get done on the farm if you didn't spend all your time feeding? How many less trips to the chiropractor will you require? How much more time can you now spend marketing your products and what is that worth?

Add On At Any Time

We designed The Auto Feeder System knowing that many farms would need to start just like we did - without the system. But would likely desire to add it later. So thats how we designed it. You can install it on your own Best Chicken Hoop from the very first day or 10 years later.

If you already have a different hoop system. It can in almost every case be added on to it too. The Auto Feeder System does require that the coop has already been upgraded with our Easy Move Conversion Kit in order to maintain the structural integrity of your shelter and correctly brace the feed bin (trust us its a conversion you will want to do anyway).

Other Features

  • System allows for independent feeder height adjustment in case of uneven terrain (like on our farm)
  • Feeders can still be manually filled with a 5 gallon bucket if their is a power outage/your homemade solar unit fails/your generator breaks down or runs out of gas.
  • Several units can be run in tandem off of a generator or a Solar Bank Kit.

Auto Feeder System Includes

  • 1 Ton Hoop Mounted Feed Bin
  • 20 feed drops and drop tube. (can therefore handle up to 20 feeders in a hoop) Call for a quote on a custom number or for a smaller hoop.
  • Feed Line Tube and Auger
  • Bin Boot and Connectors
  • 1/2 HP auger motor.
  • Auto Off Switch
  • Instructions