The Best Chicken Hoop - Period

Start Smart, Scale Easily, Build Momentum
Start Smart

Stephen Covey said "Start with the end in mind." He was right! Don't start or expand your pasture poultry operation with shelters that will handicap you in the future.

Scale Easily

The Best Chicken Hoops - are designed to work as stand a lone units or in a series. That ensures expansion is seamless and you can add hoops as needed to meet demand.

Build Momentum

Pasture poultry production has unique benefits and challenges. Build momentum in your operation by avoiding beginner mistakes and benefiting from our continuous improvements.

Braced To Eliminate Floor Level Bars

Stronger Structures - Faster Moves - Easier To Feed
1 Stronger Structures

The Best Chicken Hoop - is the only hoop on the market that does not have floor level bars 18" off the ground every 4-6 feet. I love engineering and I designed a bracing system that made the hoops stronger and eliminated the need for those knee knocker bars.

2 Faster Moves

The Best Chicken Hoop doesn't have those knee knocker bars and the birds quickly move along during a move. With the bars (everyone else's hoop design) birds are slowed and occasionally crushed by the bars.

3 Easier To Feed

With The Best Chicken Hoop there are no bars to trip over so you can walk through the hoop carrying feed buckets with ease. In every other hoop you have a bar to step over (and lift feed buckets over) ever 4-6' and they are just the right height to bruise your shins.

Go Pro With Optional Feed Line Systems

Feed Fast - Save Money - Add On At Any Time
Feed Fast

With The Auto Feeder System your chore time will be cut by 50%. Every Single Day! Imagine moving your chickens in 5 minutes with The Best Chicken Hoop then flipping on The Auto Feeder System while reconnecting the water lines, turning it off, and focussing more of your time on what really needs to get done.

Save Money

What is the value of reducing your chore time by 50% every single day? What is it worth to you to not have to every lift a feed bucket again? What could you get done on the farm if you didn't spend all your time feeding? How many less trips to the chiropractor will you require? How much more time can you now spend marketing your products and what is that worth?

Add On At Any Time

We designed The Auto Feeder System knowing that many farms would need to start just like we did - without the system. But would likely desire to add it later. So thats how we designed it. You can install it on your own Best Chicken Hoop from the very first day or 10 years later. We even sell adapter kits so you can add it on to other companies hoops if you allready have one.

The three 20x48 units we purchased are working out great and we'll likely be in touch before years end for another order.
Blackbird Farms Blackbird Farms
I had a wooded area of a field I haven't cleared and pasturized yet - so if you need to show turnability and durability to an unconvinced customer; here's the proof in the puddin. #ForestTek
Mason - Virginia Mason - Virginia

Built By Real Farmers Who Do This Every Day!

A Production Model That Really Works -Field Tested Equipment - People Who Want To Help
A Production Model That Really Works

Five years ago we raised our first 17 broilers, this year we will raise 100,000 broilers on pasture. We have learned a lot in between! Our Hoops and equipment work. We designed them while building our pasture poultry operation from scratch and afterwards we decided to offer our designs and equipment with the hopes that we could help other regenerative farms prosper as well.

Field Tested Equipment

We aren't old tired old engineers working for a huge corporate firm churning out cheap designs made in china! We are innovators who believe in continuous improvement. Over the years we have designed and refined systems that work and reduce time and effort in the field every day. We don't sell anything we don't use ourselves.

Real Farmers Who Want To Help You

Yes I know those are sheep in the background but when you are a self made renerative farmer you spend your days healing soil, restoring land, and nourishing families not posing for photo ops. We are real farmers and we want to help you take your pasture poultry operation to the next level!

Get The Pasture Tek Update!

Each week from the field we send out a 5 minute video from the front lines of regenerative agriculture. We go over new innovations, challenges we faced and how we overcame them, principles of efficient production and plenty of our own opinion too. This is a resource you don’t want to miss out on!