Easy Crate Mover Pallet

Easy Crate Mover Pallet

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Easily Move Up To 16 Coops Safely and Efficiently

Easily Move Up To 16 Coops Safely and Efficiently.

Moving chicken crates can be back breaking! You need to me able to mechanize it as much as possible. The trouble is if you stack the coops on a pallet they could bounce or slide off. Or what if your skid steer/ tractor/ telehandler operator starts, stops, turns, or breaks too fast and sends a stack flying? The answer is all your hard work in raising the birds ends in crushing (no pun intended) disappointment.

The Easy Coop Mover Pallet solves all of those issues. Designed to fit the Kuhl Easy Fill Coop, the Easy Coop Mover Pallet has a 1" ridge around it to solidly lock the base of two coops in place. An easy loop attachment makes ratchet strapping the coops down prior to transport quick, secure, and easy. Closed square metal pallet fork receivers ensure that the pallet never goes flying off of your tractor/ skid steer/ telehandler even in the roughest terrain. Easy Coop Mover Pallets are also designed to fill no more than a pallet space ensuring they can be stacked double wide on a trailer with no middle gapping.

The Easy Coop Mover Pallet has revolutionized how we move crates and birds around the farm and has eliminated hours of backbreaking work and no small amount of heartache.